Low-Cost and Complimentary Accommodation: It’s Not a Myth

A lot of would-be travelers put their trip of a lifetime on hold because they think they won’t be able to afford the necessary accommodation. If only they knew it wasn’t true.

With careful planning, travelers can save a lot of money on their flights and accommodation. Not doing enough research beforehand will make your journey far more expensive than it needs to be.

Don’t assume that only the big hotels and accommodation establishments are all your destination has to offer. These places are front and center when it comes to marketing because they’ve got ample budgets. However, there are lots of other places you can stay if you take the time to look for them.

1. Backpacker hostels on a budget

Hostels cost far less than hotels. If you value your privacy greatly, you might find staying in a hostel challenging. However, given that hostels can cost $5-$30 (USD) a night, you might be willing to compromise for a few nights.

In a hostel, you share communal sleeping quarters and bathrooms. Make sure the hostel you choose offers lockers for you to secure your luggage and possessions. Up to ten people share a room. Most hostels also provide a simple breakfast for their guests.

Shared kitchen and living areas make getting to know fellow travelers easy, as the atmosphere is very social. Some hostels offer private rooms but expect to pay a little extra for the privilege.

2. Guesthouses and budget hotels

Don’t expect too many luxuries, if any, if you should choose these accommodations. They are purely functional yet highly affordable. Ranging in price from $10-$80 (USD) a night, you’ll have far more privacy than you would in a hostel. With your own room and bathroom, you won’t be experiencing the social aspects of hostel life.

The services included in the rates differ from one institution to the next. Before making a booking, check on whether breakfast is included or if there are kitchen facilities. Most areas have a few guest houses for passing travelers.

3. Short-term rental accommodation

On sites like Airbnb, you can find people in the area you’re visiting who are renting apartments or houses on a short-term basis. Staying in someone else’s home can be far better than hotels and hostels, especially if you’re going to be in one place for a week or two.

Prices vary according to the country and area as well as the owner’s preference. Make sure you rent a place that has good reviews and is conveniently located.

4. Homestays

Many people rent out extra bedrooms to earn additional income. This is the perfect way to immerse yourself in a new culture. You’ll have your hosts on hand to give you sound advice.

The terms and conditions of your stay will depend on the homeowner. Find out if meals are included and ask to see the room first to make sure it meets your needs.