How You Can be the Next Maker of Google Home or Amazon Echo

Things are moving too swiftly in the world of technology. The emerging generation of application developers are now asking, “How can I create the next Amazon Echo?” The question is for those at the pinnacle of smart-phone tech companies along with those from STEM universities. If you’re an aspiring innovator, here are some tips for you.

Don’t set limitations for yourself

You may want to specialize in a specific tech field but that limits your options. Surprisingly, many people from all over the world recommend that you wait before committing yourself to a certain specialization. For instance, take MIT. Here, it is a requirement for the incoming students to start without declaring a major.

This gives them the chance to consider other options. Of course, MIT is not alone on this, considering that people these days, on average, change jobs around 12 times in their life. Instead of thinking “what will I do for the rest of my life?” think, “what will I try first?”

Find your focus

If you are truly decided on taking smart-home technology, the next step is to find your academic focus. The fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and speech science are all contributing to the rapid advance of modern smart home capabilities. Skills in such fields will be very helpful when you pursue a specialized career in the future.

Smart home tech involves intense collaboration. Therefore, studying related areas like data systems, electrical engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence, and more could be very helpful in a design career for smart-home tech. Research on what schools offer in their curriculum related to your field. Most universities provide a list of their available courses online.

Think creatively

Having decided on your major makes it easier for you to customize your education. Most academic programs offer some degree of flexibility, especially when it comes to course selections. It’s in this flexibility where you can include your long-term interests and goals.

There are some schools that even offer personalized major programs to motivate students to create their own curricula. For instance, some universities students can work towards a degree by integrating computer, speech, hearing, and cognitive sciences coursework, all of which are requirements for creating voice assistants such as Siri or Alexa.

Degrees aren’t the only important thing

Although getting a bachelor’s degree is an excellent way to enter the industry of smart-home tech, equally as important are your varied ideas, points of view, and backgrounds. These are very important when applying for internships, gaining good breadth and depth of experience, and developing a diverse skillset.

A quick online search helps you discover job postings of top technological companies. Such may provide valuable insight into the programming experiences, languages, and tools would be most beneficial to you as an aspiring developer.

Do it yourself!

Many have developed applications without having to work in companies like Apple or Google. With the right tools and drive, you can build your own smart-home tech. Don’t spend too much time wondering how you can create the next big thing in smart devices. Instead, start taking the necessary steps towards creating it!