3 Ways to Use Amazon Echo to Locate Your Phone

We often experience losing things at home and cannot seem to remember where we last placed them. Our phones are fast becoming the number one gadget that fits the question list of “Where is it?”

The usual way to locate your phone is by asking someone to call you, which won’t work if you were home alone. There must be some other way – and there is when you own an Amazon Echo which comes with “Alexa,” a virtual assistant equipped to find missing things at home.

Enable the Alexa “Find My Phone” skill

There are several ways to locate misplaced devices at home using Echo. First, you can locate them using Alexa through a setup command. The Alexa app features a skill that can help find a lost cell phone and you can also use it for more than a single phone.

To set this up, find the “Skills & Games” of your Alexa app. Then go to “Find My Phone” and choose “Enable to Use.” Link your existing Amazon account to the Alexa app then click “Allow” to provide skill access. After this, say, “Alexa, find my phone.”

The very first time you utilize this skill, you will have to provide your phone number. Then you’ll receive a code, which you should read out loud. After that, your phone should start ringing. You may also add more numbers. To do this, say “Alexa, ask Find My Phone to add another number.”

Instruct Alexa to call, find or play music

There are other features that Alexa can do, but for them to work, you should have an IFTTT account. IFTTT stands for “if this, then that.” You can set this up by following simple steps. First, sign up or log in, tap on the search bar then type “Alexa.”

This provides you with all of the Alexa options. Tap all of the options you want. For each option you select, tap Turn on. Next, you will receive a prompt next to log into your account for Amazon Alexa. Enter your number then follow all of the instructions on-screen.

After completing the instructions, you have to add another applet. This allows you to trigger the find phone feature. When you misplace your phone inside the house, just say, “Alexa, trigger find phone.” If you have set your phone on vibrate mode, you must listen carefully to hear your phone’s vibrations.

Play a song (for Android phones)

Alexa has another entertaining feature for Android phone users – it can play music for you. Just make sure that you’ve turned the volume on. Again, you need an IFTTT account. To do this, just follow all of the instructions in the previous section.

Then, search for your Android device. Scroll across the applets to locate your device. Send a text message to your Android phone. This turns the ringer volume up to 100%. Then tap Turn on then Save. But if you have paired your phone with any Bluetooth headphones or speakers, it will start playing audio through those accessories.